Plant Details - Eleagnus
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  • Sunlight: full sun to part shade
  • Description: Eleagnus is a huge sprawling shrub that shoots long branches into the air during the growing season.  This is a big and beautiful evergreen shrub, that produces cream colored, bell shaped  flowers in the late fall and early winter, while the flowers are fairly nondescript the fragrance is quite strong scented and appealing, and can be enjoyed from yards away.  The flowers will mature into brownish red fruits that are a treat for the birds.  The leaves are green on top and  covered with brown scales, while the undersides are lighter and covered with silvery specks.  This shrub is easy to care for and requires minimal care. (Drought Tolerant).
  • Size: 12' - 15' (20') tall and wide, occasionally will grow 30' - 40' .


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